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LPG Gas Bottle Sizes & Dimensions

45kg Gas Bottles for the Supply of LPG

LPG 45kg gas bottles – also called 45kg gas cylinders – are the most popular size gas bottles for homes and small businesses.

45kg gas bottles can be exchanged or refilled onsite via LPG tanker trucks.

A typical installation is comprised of two 45kg gas bottles, so you can switch bottles while awaiting an exchange or refill of the empty.

The bottles are sized to suit your requirements so you have plenty of LPG gas for your home:

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With our Automatic Tanker Delivery, we provide two 45kg or one 90kg LPG gas cylinder.

We also have 210kg cylinders and larger size tanks to meet every need.


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LPG Gas Bottle-Cylinder Size Chart
Gas Bottle Size Diameter Height Capacity
45kg 375mm 1250mm 88 litres
90kg 510mm 1300mm 176 litres
210kg 760mm 1450mm 411 litres
 Typical gas bottle sizes shown.  Actual dimensions may vary.


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