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Information for New Users of Home LPG Gas

Everyone who is new to home LPG use needs practical information.  The following frequently asked questions are specifically for homeowners who are new to using LPG gas.


How does LPG function?


LPG is stored in a gas bottle, under pressure, as a liquid.  It becomes a gas as it exits the gas bottle, during appliance use.  


What size and how many gas bottles do I need?


Most homes require two 45kg LPG Gas Bottles. If you use your LPG gas for cooking only, you may only need one bottle.

How does the gas get from the bottles to the appliances?


Tubing connects the gas bottles to a changeover valve.  This valve controls which gas bottle is being used.  The changeover valve feeds into a regulator that controls the pressure of the gas.  The gas then goes through piping to the appliances.


How do I get the regulator and changeover valve?


The homeowner hires a licensed gas fitter to install the regulator, valve and piping. The gas fitter then connects the gas to your appliance(s).  You own all of these items. We provide the LPG gas bottles. 

The gas fitter also provides the installation compliance plate or certificate, as required by your home State (example shown). 

All of this would have already been done if there is currently LPG at the home.  If so, you only need to choose your preferred LPG Gas Supply Option.


How do I operate the gas bottle changeover valve?


Some changeover valves automatically switch from one gas bottle to the other when the first bottle runs out.  Both bottles need to be left OPEN for this to work.  There is no action required on your part if you have this kind of valve.  It typically has an indicator that changes colour to RED when the first gas bottle is empty.  This is when you need to order gas.


Manual changeover valves, with a lever, require you to manually switch between the bottles when one runs out.  Here’s how:

1. Turn the valve on the empty gas bottle OFF by turning it clockwise.

2. You then reposition the changeover valve lever to point towards the full bottle.

3. Turn the valve on the full gas bottle ON by turning it anti-clockwise.

4. Don’t forget to order a full gas bottle so you have a fresh one ready to go.


What delivery options do I have for my home LPG?


You have two Home LPG Gas Delivery Options:


You can choose our Automatic Tanker Delivery.  With this option you never have to call to order gas or check your gas bottles.  We schedule your deliveries based on the appliances you have and your past usage.  We refill your gas bottles directly from the tanker, as shown in the picture to the right. 


If you choose our Gas Bottle Exchange Delivery, we deliver full LPG gas bottles to your home whenever you order.  We also attach the full bottles and remove the empties.  You just order when one LPG gas bottle is empty and we deliver another full gas bottle.  You also get Automatic Text (SMS) Gas Check Reminders to remind you when it’s time to check your gas bottles.  


How do I order the LPG gas for my home?


First, you need to Open A New Account Online.  It's fast and easy to do.


Once your account is set up, you can order in any one of the following ways:

♦  Order Your Exchange Gas Bottles Online, including special delivery instructions, order confirmations and delivery schedule advice.

♦  Use your smart phone to order from our mobile friendly site.  No apps required.

♦  Use Text to Order Your Gas Bottles with any mobile phone.  You will also get a Text (SMS) order confirmation.

♦  Use any telephone keypad to use our Automated Telephone Order System.


What if there are gas bottles already attached to my home?


To start, just Open a New LPG Gas Account Online.  Then you just order gas when you need it.

We will remove the old bottles when we deliver your full gas bottles.  We also handle the return of the old gas bottles for you, at no extra charge.  You only need to place your order and we take care of the rest.


What choices do I have to pay for my gas?

See your Gas Payment Options for your options including Online Payments, Bpay®, Australia Post and more.


How do I check my gas bottles to find out how much gas is left?


Use care while pouring hot water down the side of the bottle.  A line of condensation will develop at the level of the remaining gas. If there is no line visible, you can run your hand down the side of the cylinder. It will be cooler to the touch at the level of the gas. If there’s no line and no difference in temperature, the bottle is probably empty. Be sure to always be careful with the hot water.

Please remember that the bottles are oversized so you get the full amount of gas when they are 80% full.  The 20% empty space, at the top, allows for the natural expansion of the gas when it gets warm.


How often do I need to check my gas bottles?


If you choose automatic tanker delivery, you never need to check your gas bottles. 

If you are an exchange customer, depending on the types of appliances, the climate where you are located and the number of people living in your home, it can vary.  Generally speaking, once a month should cover all situations unless you have multiple appliances, a large heater or more than one heater in use during winter.


What if the appliances stop working?


1. Check to make sure the selected gas bottle, as indicated by the changeover valve, is turned on.

2. Use the hot water test to see if either bottle has any remaining gas.  You will need to switch to the full gas bottle, with the changeover valve, if one is still has gas.

3. If neither bottle has gas, you should contact us to order two replacement bottles.


What if you think there is a gas leak?


If you think you have a gas leak, turn off the gas bottle cylinder valve(s) by turning them clockwise. You should also call our emergency number on 1800 819 783. As an additional precaution, allow for the area to be ventilated, to disperse any gas.  Be sure that you also extinguish any flames or other sources of ignition.


What if I have more questions?


Please Email Us With Your Questions.


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